Area we cover

Havant NWA, to give the group its abbreviated name, covers a significant area of Havant Town, Emsworth and Hayling.  If your address lies within one of the Havant Borough Council Wards listed here, then we provide the Neighbourhood Watch service for you.borough

Hayling Island East
Hayling Island West
St Faith’s
Warren Park

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Havant NWA covers all of Havant Town east of the A3M, together with Emsworth and Hayling Island.  If you look to the north eastern boundary of St Faith’s ward and the northern boundary of Emsworth ward, you will see that we also cover a significant area of new housing development along both the north and south sides of Barton’s Road.

If you live within this area and would like to be put in contact with your nearest Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or would like to start a new scheme, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ option on the main menu and make an appropriate selection.