Incident reports – Hayling Island – August 15th

ASB incidents have been reported at the following locations:

  1.  08/08/2018. ST MARYS ROAD. Van has been on the road two weeks.
  2. 10/08/2018. ROGERS MEAD. Report of a drone flying around in the area.
  3. 11/08/2018. ROYAL SHADES PUB. SEA FRONT. Kids inside derelict building and have been on the roof also.
  4. 11/08/2018. CREEK ROAD. Unknown male riding purple quad on public beach and promenade of sea front.

 Burglaries were reported as follows: 

  1. 08/08/2018. MILL RYTHE LANE. Compound broken into. Various caravans broken into and items stolen
  2. 09/08/2018. HAWTHORNE GROVE. Unknown person/s have gained access and stolen items approx £5-10k.
  3. 13/08/2018. GOLF CLUB, LINKS LANE. A male has stolen rucksack.  

Criminal Damage incidents were reported at the following locations: 

  1. 08/08/2018. MY LORDS LANE. Criminal damage to property, by unknown persons.
  2. 08/08/2018. MENGHAM LANE. Unknown offender/s have caused criminal damage to horse trailer by spraying graffiti on it.
  3. 12/08/2018. EASTWOOD CLOSE. Persons unknown have used spray paint on wall and fence.
  4. 13/08/2018. ELM GROVE. Person(s) unseen and unheard have used a marker pen to graffiti a set of symbols on window.
  5. 13/08/2018. ELM GROVE. Damage to vehicle by person(s) unseen and who have used a marker pen to write and draw symbols.
  6. 13/08/2018. NMA CAMPERS LTD, ELM GROVE. Vandalism in the compound. At least 5 vehicles have been spray painted.
  7. 13/08/2018. HOLLOW LANE. Person(s) unknown have sprayed graffiti on the communal bin sheds at block of flats.

Drug incidents were reported at the following locations: 

  1. 10/08/2018. LEGION FIELD, LEGION ROAD. Upon completing a stop search on a male an amount of cannabis was located. 

Theft Incidents were reported as follows: 

  1. 08/08/2018. MILL RYTHE LANE. Unknown offenders have broken in to caravan and stolen several items.
  2. 09/08/2018. SAINSBURY’S, ELM GROVE. A known male has and female, stole several meat products.
  3. 11/08/2018. SOUTHWOOD ROAD. Aggrieved placed mobile phone on the roof of his car. Stolen from there by person(s) unknown.
  4. 12/08/2018. LIME GROVE. Dishwasher stolen. Likely for the scrap value.
  5. 13/08/2018. EARNLEY ROAD. Theft of magnetic signs from van. 

Vehicle incidents were reported as follows: 

  1. 09/08/2018. CHURCH ROAD. Driver rear ended. Other driver decided to drive off as damage was minimal.
  2. 11/08/2018. FATHOMS REACH. Vehicle seized due to no insurance and a Road Traffic Incident.
  3. 14/08/2018. WESTSTAR HOLIDAY PARK, MANOR ROAD. Positive Breath Test. Vehicle seized.
  4. 14/08/2018. CHURCH ROAD. Car knocked cyclist off her bike. She has a grazed knee and is shaken up.

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