Incident reports – Havant and Emsworth – August 8th

Havant Town and Emsworth:

 ASB incidents have been reported at the following locations:

  1.  01/08/2018. EMSWORTH SLIPPER SAILING CLUB, QUAY MILL, SOUTH STREET. Group of youths jumping in to the water at South Street. Moved on when asked to do so.
  2. 02/08/2018. HIGH STREET, EMSWORTH. Large group of youths being loud and causing disturbance, whilst climbing on scaffolding.
  3. 03/08/2018. ICELAND, MARKET PARADE, HAVANT. Ongoing issues with groups coming into shop and stealing.
  4. 03/08/2018. EMSWORTH SLIPPER SAILING CLUB, QUAY MILL, SOUTH STREET, EMSWORTH. 3 males drinking, swearing and being abusive.
  5. 03/08/2018. HAVANT PARK, PARK ROAD NORTH. Group of youths in park by bus station seen throwing stones at cars.
  6. 04/08/2018. BUS STATION, ELM LANE. Verbal argument.
  7. 05/08/2018. LANGBROOK FARM, LANGSTONE ROAD. Group of youths outside pub after closing, who had not been drinking there. Asked to move on. 44180297190. 06/08/2018. SOUTHLEIGH ROAD.  Group of youths cycling in the middle of road causing nuisance.
  8. 06/08/2018. MERIDIAN CENTRE, ELM LANE. Youths on roof throwing debris.
  9. 06/08/2018. PRINCE GEORGE STREET. Regular problem of noisy group of youths shouting, swearing and arguing.

Burglaries were reported as follows: 

  1. 03/08/2018. WADE COURT ROAD. Forced entry into garage.
  2. 03/08/2018. JUNIPER SQUARE. £900 Pandora bracelet stolen. Possibly by known suspect.
  3. 04/08/2018. MERIDIAN CENTRE TOILETS, BULBECK ROAD. Car park office broken into and keys stolen.
  4. 06/08/2018. HALLETT ROAD. Front door found open. No signs of entry gained and nothing stolen. 

Criminal Damage incidents were reported at the following locations: 

  1. 01/08/2018. SPECSAVERS, WEST STREET. Damaged to flat roof at the rear of store caused by bricks thrown at tiles. 

Drugs incidents have been reported at the following locations: 

  1. 04/08/2018. LANGSTONE ROAD Male arrested for driving whilst unfit. Drugs located in the vehicle.
  2. 07/08/2018. PARK ROAD NORTH. 2 people detained following drug search. 

Theft Incidents were reported as follows:

  1. 01/08/2018. OLDCROFT COURT, BROCKHAMPTON LANE. Bike stolen from bike shelter.
  2. 01/08/2018. WEST STREET. Bin stolen from outside hairdressing shop. 44180291159. 01/08/2018. EMSWORTH ROAD. Locked car had window smashed and £50 stolen from glove box.
  3. 02/08/2018. BOSMERE JUNIOR SCHOOL, SOUTH STREET. Vehicle parked in school car park overnight, broken into.
  4. 02/08/2018. STREET RECORD, BROCKHAMPTON LANE. Vehicle broken into by smashing the front passenger side window. 2 items stolen.
  5. 03/08/2018. WHEELWRIGHTS ARMS, EMSWORTH ROAD. Items stolen from parked van.
  6. 04/08/2018. WEST STREET. Purse stolen from bag. Bank card used to withdraw £300 from ATM.
  7. 04/08/2018. POUNDLAND, WEST STREET. Purse stolen whilst sat on bench outside shop.
  8. 04/08/2018. HIGH STREET, EMSWORTH. Suitcase stolen from pavement.
  9. 06/08/2018. GLENWOOD SCHOOL, WASHINGTON ROAD, EMSWORTH. Lead stolen from roof.
  10. 06/08/2018. PARCHMENT MAKERS, PARK ROAD NORTH. Wallet stolen from table, whilst at bar. Wallet returned with £160 missing.
  11. 07/08/2018. MERIDIAN CENTRE, ELM LANE. Package left in error. When noticed and returned to collect, it had been stolen. 

Vehicle incidents were reported as follows: 

  1. 03/08/2018. PARK ROAD SOUTH. Car parked partly on zebra crossing.
  2. 04/08/2018. HEDGEROW GARDENS, EMSWORTH. Report of suspected drunk driving.
  3. 04/08/2018. NEW BRIGHTON ROAD, EMSWORTH. Driver arrested following positive drug wipe.
  4. 06/08/2018. LANGSTONE ROAD. Rear end shunt. One driver pregnant and attended QA. Whiplash and trapped nerve in back.

44180299422 07/08/2018. BARTONS ROAD. Driver stopped in vehicle not belonging to him. No insurance, no license and was also disqualified. Driver cautioned. Keys returned to owner.

  1. 07/08/2018. TESCO, SOLENT ROAD. Damage to vehicle when reversing car collided with vehicle in car park.
  2. 07/08/2018. PARK ROAD NORTH.  Car collided with a cyclist on a roundabout. The cyclist had minor cuts and bruises and was taken to hospital for observation.

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