Havant & Emsworth – Incident Update 29/07/2018

The following Incident Update for Havant and Emsworth was issued by Hampshire Alerts on July 29th.

ASB incidents have been reported at the following locations:

18/07/2018. HORNBEAM ROAD. Cars doing ‘doughnuts’ in the car park.

18/07/2018. RECTORY ROAD. Known male banging on door and shouting.

19/07/2018. QUAY MILL, SOUTH STREET. A group of males spat at the aggrieved when she asked them to move on from the sailing club area.

19/07/2018. OAK PARK DRIVE. 3 unknown teenagers using a lighter and spraying gas cans to create flame throwers. They were messing about with them in the wooded area.

19/07/2018. QUAY MILL, SOUTH STREET. Report of youths on the balcony of the sailing club jumping off and being a general pain. The steward and his wife were spat at last night.

19/07/2018. HAVANT PARK, PARK ROAD NORTH. Group of youths kicking off and being abusive. Threatened assaults and abusive towards the homeless people.

20/07/2018. QUAY MILL, SOUTH STREET. Youths causing antisocial issues at the sail club.

20/07/2018. CEMETERY, CHURCH LANE. Group of youths climbing the trees and all over the headstones, making lots of noise and causing a nuisance.

20/07/2018. HEALTH CENTRE, CIVIC CENTRE ROAD. Reports of youths on roof jumping up and down and causing a nuisance.

24/07/2018. MILL POND, BRIDGEFOOT PATH. Kids swimming in Emsworth harbour. They swum to a boat and climbed on it. No confirmed damage

24/07/2018. WEST STREET. Youths are on the bus shelter throwing things off at people. Males made off on police arrival.

24/07/2018. FAIRFIELD ROAD. Two youths set alight to the woodland.

24/07/2018. BARTONS ROAD. Group of youths taking it in turns to ride around on a small motorbike.

Burglaries were reported as follows:

18/07/2018. WRAYSBURY PARK DRIVE. Person unknown has gained entry to a cycle shed in a block of flats and taken cycle that was secure in a bike rack.

19/07/2018. BRIDGEFOOT PATH. Unknown male has entered hallway. Aggrieved’s wallet has gone missing.

19/07/2018. STATION APPROACH. Persons unknown have gone into place of work and stolen mountain bike.

21/07/2018. GAULTER CLOSE. Two unknown males have been seen trying to get into shed

23/07/2018. BROOK GARDENS. Unknown persons have stolen push bike out of garage.

24/07/2018. SOUTHLEIGH ROAD. Persons unknown have entered unlocked garage and have rifled through the freezer and left the door open and stolen some food.

Criminal Damage incidents were reported at the following locations:

19/07/2018. SOUTH PARK COURT, BULBECK ROAD. Person unknown has damaged the lock of a communal bike shed in a block of flats.

20/07/2018. LIVELINK HOUSE, EAST STREET. Criminal damage to motor vehicle, while parked in a council car park. A small rock has been found in the vehicle and quarter light has been damaged. Nothing has been stolen and vehicle has not been entered.

21/07/2018. GAULTER CLOSE. A suspicious male has been garden hopping. In doing so, he has caused damage to a fence panel.

21/07/2018. CEMETERY ROBING ROOM, EASTERN ROAD. A male who is in dispute over a taxi fare has damaged the vehicle by ripping off the rear wiper.

23/07/2018. BRUSHWOOD GROVE. Known person caused damage to car and assaulted owner.

Drugs incidents have been reported at the following locations:

25/07/2018. WARBLINGTON CEMETERY, CHURCH LANE. Male found in possession of a small amount of herbal cannabis during a stop search.

Theft Incidents were reported as follows:

18/07/2018. HIGH STREET. Bike stolen.

20/07/2018. SOUTH PARK COURT, BULBECK ROAD. Bike stolen from secure bike shed at block of flats.

21/07/2018. GREVILLE GREEN. Dispute over ownership of various items.

23/07/2018. WEST STREET. Persons unknown have broken into vehicle but nothing appears to have been taken.

24/07/2018. GLENWOOD SCHOOL, WASHINGTON ROAD. Male has climbed onto the roof and stolen lead for the second time.

25/07/2018. LEIGH ROAD. Aggrieved realised he had dropped his phone. He turned around but it was nowhere to be found on the road. There were 3 persons close by.

25/07/2018. RIDGWAY. Male smashes window of Ford Transit and removes a crow bar. Crow bar used to force open door of another vehicle.

25/07/2018. BROCKHAMPTON ROAD. Persons unknown have smashed passenger window and rifled through the cab. Loose change has been stolen from the central console.

Vehicle incidents were reported as follows:

20/07/2018. MARKET PARADE. Road traffic collision – Minor injury. Pedestrian suffered arm injury.

21/07/2018. SOLENT ROAD. Informant stated the driver of a Jaguar over took him at great speed, estimated to be in excess of 60mph recklessly swerving onto the other side of the road in front of oncoming traffic.


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